Project Director / Technical Director (cell direction)

1 person, PhD, 3 years or above working experience

Job description:

1. Fully responsible for the overall plan of the company's cell therapy project, including strategic planning, research and development, production and declaration; effectively manage team to complete the company's strategic goals;

2. Responsible for the formation of the technical team, reasonably arrange the project schedule and strictly follow the schedule;

3. Regularly organize various stages of reporting meetings to complete the plan discussion, start, implementation and end work;

4. Establish institutional standardized management such as standard operating procedures and quality control systems for project implementation;

5. Combine with the development direction of the industry, develop new projects that meet market demand;

6. Responsible for the technical exchange and project management with the company's cooperation units to ensure the smooth progress of the cooperation project;

7. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.



Job requirements:

1. Ph.D., a well-known university at home and abroad, 3 years or more working experience in biological products or cell products;

2. Biological research or project management experience, medical or biological, tissue engineering related fields working background, with cell therapy, biological products, molecular diagnostics research experience, priority is given;

3. Familiar with domestic laws and policies related to biomedicine, and familiar with the relevant declaration process;

4. Participated in the development and transformation of at least one biological product or cell preparation;

5. Strong writing and project application ability, and the ability to declare relevant projects in the industry;

6. Excellent organizational skills, logical thinking ability, analytical judgment and communication and coordination ability, rigorous work and responsible;

7. Excellent leadership, command and pioneering skills; excellent interpersonal and communication skills;

8. Strong English reading and writing ability, strong literature reading and learning ability.